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Internet Explorer 11 Update Bulletin


Having trouble accessing Online24? Please read the following bulletin because this may apply to you! Periodically Microsoft releases updates to their Windows operating system. Updates to your computer are usually good and have a positive impact on your experience. They often fix problems and make your computer run smoother. Sometimes, however, Microsoft releases an update that may have fixed a lot of issues but have a negative impact on other things. Updates to Internet Explorer are no different. If you have Internet Explorer 11, then your computer has been recently updated by Microsoft. Until a fix is developed, you will not be able to login to Online24 using Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer 11 is not bad, but as of this writing it is not compatible with Online24! The good thing is there is a solution!

This bulletin covers determining your web browser version and workarounds for the issue.

Am I using Internet Explorer 11?

YES? If you are detected as using Internet Explorer 11 then please follow the steps below to continue to using Online24.

NO? If are NOT using “Internet Explorer 11” this Bulletin does not apply to you and you can use Online24 as you always have.

Solution 1:
Installing another web browser to access Online24.
Suggested browsers are: Google Chrome OR Mozilla Firefox

Solution 2:
Uninstalling Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Windows 7:

Windows 8:

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